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I play bass guitar, I’m not a musician though but I do like to point people in the direction of good music and think good bands deserve as much publicity as they can get whether it be an album, video or single review.

Tonight Alive’s What Are You So Scared Of?

I'm quite scared of the creepy girl on this album artwork. Cool as she is...

I’m quite scared of the creepy girl on this album artwork. Cool as she is…

Album Title: What Are You So Scared Of?

Artist: Tonight Alive

Label: Search and Destroy

Track List: 

  1. Eject, Eject, Eject!
  2. Breaking and Entering
  3. Starlight
  4. Sure As Hell
  5. Let It Land
  6. Fake  It
  7. Listening
  8. Reason To Sing
  9. Safe And Sound
  10. Thankyou and Goodnight Ft. Mark Hoppus
  11. Amelia
  12. In The First Place
  13. To Die For
  14. What Are You So Scared Of?
  15. Bonus Acoustic Track: What Are You So Scared Of?
  16. Bonus Acoustic Track: Safe & Sound
  17. Bonus Acoustic Track: Let It Land
  18. Bonus Acoustic Track: Breaking And Entering


The début 18 track album of Australia’s hottest new band: Tonight Alive is quite the feat in my eyes. It’s not very often we hear of a band from down under ere in the UK but when we do you know it’s for good reason; I mean, look at Parkway Drive. But the whole thing with there being not many Australian bands known out there kind of confuses me considering Australia boast one of the largest open air music festivals in the world in the form of Soundwave. Yet, Tonight Alive have made the crossing and I’m quite delighted they’ve done so.

Tonight Alive are a five piece Pop-Punk group that are kind of like an Australian version of Paramore, the obvious comparison being that they have a female singer. However, after listening to the album quite a few times, I think it’s a little unfair to compare Tonight Alive to Paramore instantly just because they have a female singer, considering that Genre wise it’s very hard to place them. They are definitely a rock band but where to go from there in the large labyrinth of sub-genres  is quite the mystery. I, personally, would have put them down as a pop punk band thanks to the awesome catchy riffs that they dish out in songs like “Breaking and Entering” or “Thank You and Goodnight Ft. Mark Hoppuse” but there are even some strange tinges of Post Hardcore in the heavy yet melodic sounds of songs such “Listening” and “Fake It”. Even though it’s hard to place them, these blend of genres throughout the album are pretty sound sonically. It sounds amazing especially through a decent sound system, each song fits on the album and deserves its place on the CD.


What Are You So Scared Of? is a very good début album and if anything has wet my appetite for more of Tonight Alive in the future, their catchy hooks, awesome guest appearances and awesome album artwork. I think one of the things that actually made me rate the CD so high was the Acoustic Bonus Tracks.  The tracks themselves sound great but when you can play that track acoustically and still have the power of a fully plugged in song like is shown in the “Breaking and Entering” acoustic rendition; it’s not good. It’s fantastic. So, I firmly recommend downloading and buying this CD if not to support the band but for the awesome well rounded quality of it.


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