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I consider myself a bit of a gamer so here is where I review my favourite and current games for all platforms.

Warriors Orochi 3


UK Release Date: 6th April 2012

Publisher: Koei

Platform: Xbox360


I’ve been a fan of the Koei Warriors series for a very long time; I remember first being introduced to Dynasty Warriors 3 on my friend Luke’s PS2 and falling in love with the Franchise then, we sat in that dark room for hours conquering Ancient China in the name of our favourite Three Kingdoms. Luke wasn’t as in to Samurai Warriors as I was. However, when Warriors Orochi; the first one was announced it was about bloody time!

I mean, everyone wanted a cross-over game it was just a matter for the developers to give us it and find a way to give us it. It wasn’t that hard by the looks of things and for the first game they did it well, the cast was smaller and there were less variables in those games as there were in the next renditions. Less weapons, less stages. It wasn’t as big as it soon became in the second rendition of the series and this is where things began to go downhill for the series as a whole.

Warriors Orochi 2 saw a quite significant boost in the character roster; mostly on behalf of the Samurai Warriors cast and the expansion toward Sekigehara in the stages. Those famous in these battles, joined the rosters as well as some other characters. It was quite cool to have them all together but things seemed to suffer due to the heavy casting.  Graphics became poor even on the XBOX 360 edition of the game and because there was little room left for animation, some characters weren’t eve given their proper weapons but rather, re-worked versions of already existing ones. It was sad and greatly shook my confidence in the series. I wasn’t really up to considering buying the third installment I knew was coming.

However, I then saw Warriors Orochi 3 and fell in love.

Warriors Orochi 3 even in the trailers and from the reveals of some of the newer characters to join the roster looked pretty darn impressive. As well as interesting. What was also quite interesting was the fact that Warriors Orochi 3 was using the Samurai Warriors 3 latest character models that had been exiled to the Wii.  So, with that I was determined to get the game, saving and scrimping in order to order it online after failing continually to get it in store. And I wasn’t disappointed, the game had definitely worked on its faults.

The graphics had been improved immensely and the characters looked amazing, even if some of the terrains did look basic. I was rather appreciative of the mish-mashed levels that included factors from Bladestorm, Ninja Gaiden and some other different games. It was nice to see and it was cool that other games associated with Koei were getting to use the Warriors franchise’s fame in order tor aise their profile. Koei is a great company and I think they used Warriors Orochi 3 well.

Another thing they did well with the game was to abolish multiple campaigns for one rather interesting storyline. A problem with the multiple stories was that even though they went together, even crossed over but sometimes continuations did emerge. With this singular story, which went well with the thjemes of the game and was rather interesting; Warriors Orochi 3 had quite a nice play through experience even for people who hadn’t played the game before.

A small thing though, was that there was no English dub; which made it hard to do certain things when people told you because of the fact whilst slicing your way through scores of enemiesyou suddenly had to read subtitles.

Review: AAAA

I think that, even though it is simple and Koei does simplicity well; the Warriors franchise and Warriors Orochi 3 are a good set of games. They aren’t stressful with prestige levels and they aren’t too mentally tasking, their just games you can sit down and play without too much forethought about how you’re going to best your enemies. They’re literally just a game which you can button bash your way through and do some cool stuff between battles with. With a good story mode, which a lot of games are missing nowadays; Warriors Orochi 3 can do nothing but score high with me I’m afraid.




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Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken Standard Edition Xbox Case

UK Release Date: 9th March 2012

Publisher: Capcom

Platform: XBOX360


I’m not going to lie to you; when I first saw the Street Fighter X Tekken reveal trailer on an E3 live stream I kind of made an inhuman and possibly sexually explicit noise down my headset to all my XBOX LIVE party. It was weird. It was awkward but in reality I didn’t care because you know what: Street Fighter was about to go head to head with Tekken. The two greatest fighting franchises in the world were about to smash head on in a battle that could possibly unravel the fabric of time and space due to awesomeness.

Now, I’ve missed classic side to side beat ’em ups on my XBOX, especially Tekken because on my PS2 I spent most of my time as Hwaorang beating the shit out of the other Tekken Characters and pretty much taking out them all out for hours in survival mode. Yet, on XBOX the Tekken franchise had seemd to take a bit of a dip into more RPG like elements, forsaking the traditional martial arts and beat em up elements for things such as move customisation and stances and levels and all sorts. Which, I’m sorry namco, wasn’t really what we wanted. Look at what was successful on the PS2; games like Tekken Tag, Tekken 4 and Tekken 3 are pinnacles of the fighting game genre and is the reason why I outright stated that in the SFXT battle I was solidly aligned with the Tekken Franchise with which I had always grown up.

However, I could not help but realise that CAPCOM not NAMCO were the producers of the game which meant that it was going to be kind of like Street Fighter with Tekken characters in it, yet, even with this preconception in mind I was still rather excited because even with my love for Tekken and it’s characters it’s hard not to appreciate the SF series. I mean it is one of the longest running Franchise’s in video game history especially of the beat ’em up genre. Even with the unrealistic fighting styles and the 1,000,000 hit combos; it was still a hell of a lot of fun to button bash your way to the top or spam moves like Dhalsim’s stretchy leg or Hadouken to defeat opponents. The two player rage against me was wicked.


Although the game is wicked for what it is there are some key flaws in it. The first of these is the lack of an actual, proper and well thought out story mode. If you play as the certain teams assigned you can find certain glimpses of story, it lacks the depth of the storyline features we had seen in previous instalments of both franchises. Thanks to the lack of such a story mode, Street Fighter X Tekken fell into the classic Beat ’em up trap in which the game becomes way too short in comparison to what it’s epicness should allow. But then the only way to extend the life of such a game is a classic and that is Versus mode.

The coolest thing about SFxT is the versus mode. Having your mates to beat the shit out of each other and settle old feuds is probably the best feature of the game as a whole; with so many teams to try out and the fun you can have with things such as tournaments and the like; Tekken X Street Fighter is probably a game you should own if you’re the type of friends who like to sit in and play games together, it’s a great party game and captures elements of both franchises to appease hardcore fans of either series.

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