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Here is where I wish to show you my own poetry as well as some of my favourite poems maybe from both local and national poets.

My First Video Reading! An Improvised Poem! Wishes

If a poet, no scratch that, if anyone ever said that they “always knew what they were doing”. They’d be a liar. Simple as. I don’t mean it to be offensive but really, when you think about everything that happens and all the reasons that cause these things to happen; it’s impossible to always know and I’m not afraid to admit that. For example, this is my first ever reading video. I didn’t know this poem was going to be my first reading video, I also didn’t know I’d improvise it until I actually pressed record. So… You know, I’m just saying. Anyway, back to business.

This is a poem about wishes, what people wish to be and a particular person in fact. It has been floating in my mind for a while so, I just went for it. Why not? So here it is, my first video poem, completely improvised…


This one’s for you Jen. x



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She cries wet tears,

For a dried up womb.

Knows that she cannot create life,

In those dark dead grounds.

And you try to console her with the odd “there there”

But you, yourself are not here


She sobs daily

Whilst your patience last seconds,

Begs for understanding

When you are ignorant

And begs for an end to her life,

Unless she can bring about the start of a new one.

She is infertile.

And you will never know her pain.

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