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A reflection on my summer…

When people ask me what I did this summer, I’m really not sure as to what it is I’ll actually say. I mean, I know I’m going to go back to University and my friends will probably tell me all about the amazing summer they had doing cool things like skiing or going on holiday or maybe going to work.

They’ll say all this, whilst I now realising my summer is over have finally come to terms with the fact that for the last three months due to both lack of funds and lack of motivation have just coasted through my summer holidays enough to avoid boredom. I mean, when I look back the early morning of the date I go back, I did nothing really too interesting. I just did. I lived. I loved. I just was. I don’t know why but in this summer time I have had no motivation to write but instead wanted to feverishly grind my way into becoming Pokemon league champion or holding out with my dad against a horde of angry terrorists.

Apart from that, the occasional walk or read has been enough for me between any other real ‘extremes’ in change such as having to go see my mother to fix our somewhat tempestuous relationship or having to house-sit and look after a few cats. Even my birthday was seemingly coasted through on my part. It all just happened and where some points seemed to last forever some were as fleeting as a thunderclap.

I’m honestly not sure whether or not it was the fact me and my mum fell out during my time at Uni that sealed my seemingly slumber like existential fate. I found my self living in Kettering, something I hadn’t planned for without transport and money. I couldn’t really get anywhere and unable to get a job could not really fix the situation. I don’t regret being here though. I’ve done some good stuff whilst I was here: I helped my nan out as best I could (I.e when she’d let me); seen and aided my dad slowly out of his depression (even if at a slower pace than I was wanting to); and finally, I managed to fix what I had deemed at one stage unfixable and that was the relationship with my mother. It wasn’t easy to do but I think both of us have learnt from the experience a little.

Now these things, although trivial have made me do a few more things like talk and meet people once again; made me lose my temper and even cry. I also learnt some valuable lessons along the way about family and myself. I have changed since going to Uni, there is no denying that and returning from Uni has been hard on me; I feel like sometimes I’m balancing on two ever drifting stones and the more these two lives drift apart, the sooner I’m going to take a dip and be swallowed up by this imaginary river both places reside in my mind. Even if I felt slightly lost and alone, my family was there to support me and that was what was important during the adventure.

Even though I’ve had what some will call a boring summer. I think it may have been one of the best yet in helping me grow and develop as a person.


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After a Week without my phone

So, how did I manage to end up not having my phone for a week?
That’s a funny story actually, one that is definitely worth telling before I talk about what I learnt about myself during my phoneless week; I suppose if anything this is a fable, a cautionary tale to which I hope you all take heed and learn from.
So, okay on the 8th of June I was set to come back to Sheffield in order to pack my life away once again so I can move out of my student accomodation and back to the sunny climes of Northamptonshire. Which, in itself should be fun, right? With the irony and all but yeah, so I ordered a taxi from my Nan’s house in the lovely town of Kettering and made my way to the train station.
It was during this time me and Jen kept looking at our phones to see if we were going to get to the train on time and all sorts. Phones in general were coming in and out of pockets faster than a slut in her underpants. And this is where the story gets interesting, so bear with me…
So, we get out of the Taxi, pay the guy (whom we can hardly understand as he tries desperately to communicate) and get in the station. We found out our train was delayed which is a pain in the ass but no biggie, I mean, it gave us more time for nostalgia. Which if anything, is always nice before you get cooped up on a train for two hours.
So we go to platform, wait patiently and then it’s announced that our train has changed platforms. Which then makes us shimmy along to the newly assigned platform, at which I shoved my hand deep into my pockets and realised that I don’t have my phone…
Now, as all teenager, parents; actually, as I bet all people know, when you think you’ve lost your phone you kind of have this sort of mini heart attack but then eventually you find it and the crisis is averted. Well, I didn’t have that this time. This time I didn’t find my phone and the heart attack didn’t go away but went from mini to massive in a matter of seconds; our train was coming in, the lady over the station radio said so. So, everyone can imagine how I was, running around like a blue ass fly asking person after person if they’d seen a blackberry anywhere and my girlfriend ringing it on her fritzed out phone to no avail either. Angry I got on the train and continued trying to ring it when I could, half annoyed, half worried, all pissed off.
Then suddenly my girlfriend got a message on BBM saying ‘hello’. Now both of us were looking at each other trying to get through to our mysterious message sender. Was it a really dumb thief, boasting about their crime? Was it a good samaritan, trying to reunite me with Berty (my phone)? I had to know, so I snatched my girlfriend’s phone from the table and called my phone hoping to God that we wouldn’t lose signal and the anonymous on the other end would pick up.
I pretty much recognised the voice straight away, it was one I’d tried to decipher earlier. It was the Taxi driver. Somewhere in the chaos of our journey to the station with all the panicking and worrying; my phone must have fallen out of my pocket. I also realised it was on loud, so every time I had rung it I’d probably scared the poor bastard to death as Bring Me the Horizon blasted out of the back of his Taxi at almost maximum ringing volume. But at least he had my phone and he was going to hand it in to the KLM Taxi office.
So, at our connecting station platform; I phoned to make sure that my phone Berty was safe and sound in the hands of a receptionist so I could get my Dad to go get him. They were really nice now that I think about it and if anything, I owe them a great deal because my ass would be grass without my phone.
So later that evening my Dad went and got the phone and my Nan sent it to me over the next weekend, near Father’s Day and I got it recorded delivery on the Tuesday pissing off the front desk to my apartment building due to the fact I didn’t sign one of the forms I should have because I’d forgotten completely. However soon Berty was home with me and that’s how I liked it.
Now, there’s the story and now for the observations of myself during the time in which I was Bertyless.
I realised that without my phone, I actually relied on it a hell of a lot more then I thought. I’m not even talking about the cool stuff like tweeting or using it to post on wordpress because even though I did miss that I still had that on my computer and was more jealous of people who could do that. It was the more mundane tasks like checking the time, which should be simple but because you don’t have a clock you rely on your phone which you now don’t have; or the calendar function which stops you trawling through pages and pages of an actual calendar; or the most annoying a calculator because spelling the word ‘boobs’ with numbers is nowhere near as fun when you have to dig your scientific calculator out from underneath mountains upon mountains of useless crap.
So, kids if I want you to take anything away from this post it’s that you rely on your phone far too much to do the little things; so don’t lose it.

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Well, looky looky here; how interesting. After finally accepting the terms of service agreement to my recently updated Blackberry App World I came across the fact my WordPress application also needed updating, which I obviously did, and now must say that it’s not half bad.

It looks quite snazzy actually (snazzy, such an underused word) with it’s new grid layout does WordPress 1.6. I have always liked grid displays because of the fact you can usually access all the features of a system from that grid and that grid is usually in some sort of order. Which is nice, there’s nothing worse then a messy menu and this new version of WordPress for BB has quite a nice little column layout to it putting the new post tab above the post tab and seeming to continue this trend onwards from there.

What’s more is that if I had other blogs, I could now easily cycle through them with a Twitter for BB like feature; which again makes things a lot more easier for people who do have multiple blogs; I don’t but people do and no matter how weird I find the concept it exists so… What then?

One thing this update has managed to do is make me feel like I will be able to blog from my mobile once more; when I first got the app, I wasn’t one-hundred percent getting along with the WordPress app. I wanted to use it, don’t get me wrong but it was cumbersome and slow, the equivalent to rocket science needed if you wanted to add a category to your post sometimes. Bow though, those problems seem to have been removed and I’ll soon be knee deep in On The Move posts hopefully.

Anyway… I’m off to shower, catch ya later.

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Two Years Down The Line

two years of cuddles and kisses; is never a bad thing.

two years of cuddles and kisses; is never a bad thing.

It was today two years ago that I asked a girl to go out with me and she foolishly (in my eyes anyway) said yes. Her name was Jennifer and for two years it has been quite the wild ride, with our fair share of arguments, dramas and the like I think it’s safe to say it hasn’t been easy. But it has also been totally worth it.

Jen and I, we didn’t meet under exceptional circumstances and we sure as hell didn’t dive straight into it with each other. Her friends had to bully her into talking to me because she was terrified, she was shy as I was but both of us in our own strange way were able to tell that we were in fact special to one and other; well, I could. After we first met, Jenni didn’t leave my mind for a very long time. It was weird, well, it’s always weird for me because I have no “game” at all. It pretty much almost took Jen to slap me in order to realise what it was we were doing. We were flirting and courting and stuff and me, being completely oblivious almost missed the whole thing completely. Which would have been sad in the long run, because I wouldn’t have had the adventure I’ve been having for the last two years.

You see, these last two years have been an adventure; they’ve been wonderful in fact. Because the further along in this relationship I have gotten; I feel as though I have managed to do a good thing by keeping it alive. That by keeping someone as special as Jenni is to me for all this time is bringing something good out of me because lord knows, I’m not the best person around. I love Jennifer though and that love has spelt progress, meant the world and makes me wonder how horrible life would have been without Jen. Every single alternative has been terrible; because I’d have no drive without her, no one I really want to impress, no one to really write to and for and above all else a partner in which I know there is all the support and understanding in the world just for me.

I adore Jennifer, I’ve been a dick, however, two years is a hell of a long time to be with someone and when I think about it the fact we have cried and been sad isn’t the biggest thing; it’s the fact for two years we have laughed and smiled probably a lot more which is the important part.


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A Foreshadowed Fate

Helping my mum’s friend Emma move house has done a lot more then just simply tire me out; it’s also made me think that in less then four weeks I’ll once again be doing the same thing. Living out of boxes, moving in and out of places until I finally touch ground again at IQ for next year’s accomodation.
It’s scary to see how inadequate a person’s life is when it can be packed into boxes; especially when there aren’t many of said boxes. I mean, when you look at it all; that all these boxes are technically your life in a nutshell. It makes you come to the realisation that your life is in a way just stuff, that can be boxed up and moved as of when you want to.
It’s pretty true. When you think about it, your life is just stuff that happens and you put them into little boxes marked with emotional responses. E.g: the memory of my Grandad dying is in my ‘sad’ box where as the day I got into uni is in my ‘happy’ box. It’s a weird parallel to draw, life being the same as moving houses but the more I seem to think about it. The more it seems to make sense. It makes me sad to think about it in such simple terms but it can be seen that way, I suppose.
I’m not going to lie, I see life as something a little more special then me being a moving van and my baggage just simply being baggage. It’s hardly poetic is it? Hardly imaginative really. Makes it sound boring. And life is far from boring.

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